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Jordan and I

Jordan and I

Monday, January 7, 2013

2012 - 2013ish.

Well hello friends! 

What a crazy last few months it has been for us Porters! Where to even begin...
Well Jordan and I finally tied the knot in August, and our day was amazing! We couldn't have asked for anything better. The weather was perfect, pretty overcast but it felt amazing considering I was in a hot dress all day and Jord was in his suit. The rain storm didn't hit till about 8:00 when everything was wrapping up. The decorations and flowers were beautiful. The ice cream was super tasty. We have so many people to thank for that day. And best of all I married my best friend and the man of my dreams. 

Our wonderful families!

Our honeymoon was awesome! We were able to stay at the Anniversary Inn in Logan and Salt Lake before we headed to California. We went to Southern California and went to Disneyland (my favorite place ever!) Jordan isn't a big fan of thrill rides, he gets motion sick, so he wasn't super thrilled about Disneyland but he was such a great sport! The weather was wonderful and we had a blast. 
At the airport @ 6 AM. 

Jordan braved the Tower of Terror and hated every minute of it as you can see by the look on his poor face. I on the other hand am having a blast! :) 

Well the honeymoon and events of the wedding ended and now are back to real life. We live in a three bedroom apartment in a small town called Henefer. Its a really cute place and we love it. Its a work in progress.  Here are a few pictures of some things in our apartment. 

We aren't supposed to paint so I had to compromise and put vinyl up on my wall. I found this little cutie at Target.  
On our bathroom wall. :) 
And this is on one wall in my bedroom. 

We have loved being married! Its wonderful, and adjustment for sure, but wonderful. I have the best husband, I am so grateful to have found him! We were able to spend the holidays with both of our families, thanksgiving with Jords family, and then Christmas with both of our families. (Did I mention we both have the greatest parents ever?!) It has been such a fun time for us and being able to spend the holidays together as a couple was awesome.

Random Thoughts! 

  •  I've been put in the primary presidency in our ward, and Jordan still hasn't got a calling yet (Lucky duck!) He gets to just support his wifey in her calling. Its been freezing up here in 
  • Henefer. Negative temps, but no inversion which I am so grateful for! I'll just continue to freeze my bum off but not breathe in the crappy air.
  •  We went to the Killers in November. My favorite band ever. B. Flowers is just so nice to look at. I was like a giddy teenager all over again throughout the whole concert! Love me some Killers. 
  • Jordan has a blog. I suggest you just read his blog instead of ours hah! He's much better at updating and is a way better blogger than I am. 
  • Jordan and I watch super random shows on TV because we have nothing better to do. Our latest obsession is a show called Catfish. Its about these people who fall in love and have online relationships with each other before meeting. This guy Nev (who had an online relationship go wrong) goes and helps them to meet up and get together. It's crazy what some people will do to get someone to like them! Our other obsession is Once Upon a Time. Yep everyone looks at us weird when we tell them we love this show but seriously don't knock it till you try it. Its a great show, one that really sucks you in and you have to find out what happens next! 

Jordan and I at the USU vs. BYU game. Don't worry, our marriage is still in tact after this game. ;)

One of our favorite things to do together is go to Jazz games. 

My first ever visit to Hogle Zoo. I loved it!

The Gateway 

North Summit's (the local high school) homecoming game. 
"We've landed on the moon!"

Over all 2012 hasn't been a bad year for Jordan and I. We can't complain. I'm very excited to see what 2013 brings us.  I'll end this post with a cute picture I found on Pinterest. It sums it up right there. :) 

You stay classy San Diego. 


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  1. Maggie your blog is so cute! I'm glad that you posted on Facebook that you have a blog... now we can stalk you :) Super cute! If you don't mind I added your blog to mine so we can read your blog when you update it!