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Jordan and I

Jordan and I

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Your kiss is like..Fire...!

Don't worry this post has nothing to do with kissing...but it has much to do with fire! 
Last Thursday  I went up to Logan to get my hair done and to see my mom and dad, I decided I would just stay overnight on Thursday and then be able to spend a little time with my mom and dad. Everything went fine and dandy, a nice dinner at Texas Roadhouse, ran into one of my favorite teachers Richard J. Jensen, and had my hair done (which is always my favorite thing, and I have a fabulous hair dresser!). Things were really looking up for the James'.

Lets fast forward to about 6:45 AM the next morning. My dad had just left for work a few minutes prior, he came in to the TV room to say goodbye to me. I was passed out on the couch, TV on with Dirty Jobs playing in the background, waiting for Jordan to text me to let me know he had made it home from work. I hadn't slept well during the night, the little love seat does a number on my back, so it felt good to finally fall asleep. Meanwhile, in my dream I could hear this piercing noise, one of those noises where you are just so annoyed by it and ticked off that you can't figure our where it is coming from. My mom wakes up and yells to me to see if I know what that noise is, I was still semi-non-coherent at this point and didn't care what the noise was, I just wanted it to turn off so I could go back to catching some z's. My mom thought it was her straightener, because it tends to make some beeping noises when it gets hot. That wasn't it. So she followed the noise downstairs to find smoke in the laundry room. She yelled up to me, and at first I didn't believe her, I thought she was just being a weirdo and trying to get me out of bed. But I thought I better get down there and check, and sure enough there was smoke! At that point I knew I needed to get upstairs and call 911. My mom and I bolted upstairs and I got on the phone, the dispatcher told me to get out of the house and to go sit in a car and wait. Meanwhile, my mom decides she is going to go out side in her bathrobe...what is this a school fire drill? NO! I told her she better put on something else or she would freeze! We headed outside to sit in the car and wait and watch while our house filled with smoke. 

It seemed like hours (only about five minutes) till the police showed up. The first officer ran inside to see what was going on and came back out to get a fire extinguisher, he then ran back in but quickly came back out and said he couldn't get to it because there was too much smoke. Finally the police department came and made their way into the house. Can I just say it was such a sick feeling to watch your house fill up with smoke and see all of these firemen drag hoses in there? Ugh. Something I hope to never have to relive again. What again seemed like hours but was only minutes they had blasted our house with water and put the fire out. They think that the old fridge downstairs motor went and sparked something which caught onto some clothing and spread from there...thankfully there isn't a whole lot of damage, but enough to really mess  some things up. I will say  one thing, we were blessed! There was a water line that my dad had hooked in down there that leaked and water was misting out onto the fire which we think contained it until the fire department came. Also, Jordan installed a new fire alarm downstairs around Christmas time because the old one was dead...had he not done that pretty sure my mom and I would have been in BIG trouble!

This was our view Friday morning.

Where we think the fire started. 

My sisterinlaw got toasted!

So now we are all staying in a hotel because the house was so smoke filled that there was no way we could stay there. We would love visitors! ;) Jordan headed home to Henefer today and I'll be hopefully going back at the end of the week. Holy cow. We are just so thankful for the Hyrum City Police and Fire Department! What amazing men they are!! We are also so thankful for the people from Alpine Restoration, they are so great! 

What a week. We are exhausted. But grateful. 

Here is to having no more fires! :)

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  1. Oh my gosh Maggie! That is so scary! I'm glad everyone is okay. That is definitely something that you never want to see, is your house with smoke coming out of it! Let us know if we can do anything!