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Jordan and I

Jordan and I

Friday, March 29, 2013

Thoughts for this Easter weekend...

I have been listening to an album by Rob Gardner lately called "The Lamb of God" (highly suggest anything by Rob Gardner, but especially this one!) We sang some of his songs from this album when I was in LDV and the spirit that they would bring was so peaceful and another manifestation to myself that Jesus is the Christ. As I've been listening to this album lately my thoughts have been turned to the Saviors final days, and this Easter weekend. 

When I was younger I would tell people Easter was my favorite holiday, mostly because I'm a sugar fiend and I love candy, especially Easter candy.  I also love the weather this time of year, not quite hot, but yet warm enough to be outside. But as I have grown and gone through things that have turned my eyes toward the healing and saving power of the Savior, I have realized why I still love Easter, and why its my favorite holiday.  We have a man who came to Earth, WILLINGLY, He died for me, and you, and my neighbor next door, even a starving kid in Africa. He knew what was going to happen, He knew it wasn't going to be easy, but yet, He came anyway. He felt my deepest darkest moments, the times when I felt utterly alone, and that moment when I felt I just couldn't go on anymore. No one else will ever experience that, but He did. He did it alone, no one was there for Him, but yet he is constantly there for me. I cannot express in words how grateful I am for MY Savior. For YOUR Savior. For OUR Savior. That man who bravely went to the cross will forever be my best friend, and I am forever indebted to Him. 

I know He lives. I know that on that third day He rose from the dead. He made it possible that I can be with my family and my Heavenly Father again. I know because of this sacrifice I will see those that I have lost again.  He did all of this because He loves us. He loves me. He blesses me in times that I do not deserve blessings. He sends peace when I feel alone. He will never leave me. 

I hope and pray that this Easter we can remember what happened on that first Easter. I hope that we can find that Light of Christ each of us has and go and spread the good word of the Atonement and the Gospel. Never forget that you have a Savior, who came and died for you, and all He asks is that in return you go and "feed His sheep". 

He loves you. He always has. He always will. 

He lives. 

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  1. Thanks for your beautiful comments, Maggie. He did so much for each of us, and yet at times, we forget. Love you and I'm so proud of you! -Jeanne