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Jordan and I

Jordan and I

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Baby Mama

Baby at 8 weeks.

This little shemale (please take that as a loving term of endearment) is what has been making me puke my guts up for the last 12 weeks. :)

We were really thrilled, and quite shocked to find out that we would be expecting a baby. We were 99.9% sure that the previous pregnancy test I had taken said negative, and a week later we were quite surprised to see that the tables had turned. That little tricker! In the words of Jordan Porter as I was staring at the positive sign on the test "Maggie, you look like you're going to throw up." Thanks dear. :)  As soon as reality set in, and I took about 5 more tests just to make sure, we became really excited! 

I'm currently 12 weeks along and am starting to feel much better (thank goodness, the whole throwing up business was really putting a cramp in my style, as well as my back.) We go back to the doctor in about two weeks, and we are hoping the baby looks more like a human than an alien. 

Like I said, we are so thrilled and cannot wait till November to see our kiddo. We are grateful that we get the opportunity to be parents, and thankful that the Lord sent this little one to us. We love him or her so much already. 

Stay tuned. :)

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